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pie love.

A Labor of Love

I love pie...beautiful, fresh, homemade pie, and it is a dream of mine to be able to share my labor of love with my fellow pie lovers. Opened in June 2018, Live Free or Pie Stand is a local roadside pie stand in Hampstead, NH selling high quality, handmade, fresh-baked, seasonal pies. I use hand-picked, sun-ripened ingredients from local NH farms and orchards. What started out as a simple love of pie has grown into so much more over the past few years! Yes, it's about the pie, but more importantly, it is about the comfort,  nostalgia, deep-rooted tradition, and love that pie brings me, my family, and the community here at LFOPS.  I am proud that it's become an agency for community, connection, kindness, and truly a place where "everybody knows your name".

Crystal MacDonald 

owner/baker/local pie lady


Homemade. Local. Seasonal. 

Ever heard "made with love" before? Yea, that's exactly what we are doing here. No fillers, no preservatives, no junk. Just a simple, honest, love of high quality pie made in my home with my family.  I let the fruit speak for itself and be the star of the show in the seasonal fruit pies. By  using fruit that is in-season, I can cut the sugar in half! I am also able to support local NH farms during their season! What about those winter pies that don't have fruit? Yup, 100% homemade too. I melt the dark chocolate on my stove top in small batches over double boilers 2 pies at a time. The  pecans are toasted in small batches, hand chopped, and carefully mixed in and crusts are prepared two at a time. Here in the LFOPS homestead you'll only find King Arthur Flour in my pies. They are the gold standard amongst the baking community and a tried and true company that I am proud to use.  King Arthur Flour is 100% employee owned, local to New England, and never uses any bleaches or artificial anything! Only the highest quality and local ingredients used to ensure the highest quality pie.



Freshest Pies You Can Buy 

I know they are the freshest because each one is handmade by me from start to finish. Every piece of  fruit is hand-picked by myself (and my tiny helpers!) from local NH farms and orchards. It's A LOT of fruit! From late Spring through late Fall, you'll find me at several different farms two or three times a week hand picking seasonal crops. Nothing can replace the flavor of a freshly picked, sun-ripened piece of fruit. Many times, the fruit is driven home, washed, and made into a pie within a couple hours of being picked. Once the pies come out of the oven, they are cooled just long enough to box and put into the stand. Most of the time they only last a few minutes in the stand before they are picked up and head off to their new home. I handle every aspect of LFOPS operations from making the crusts, to picking and washing the fruit, to making the pies, to printing the labels and assembling boxes, to stocking the stand, to working with customers, prep, clean-up, etc. Live Free or Pie Stand is a small one-woman operation that delivers the special tiny batch quality and attention to each pie that you can taste and deserve. If you're going to treat yourself, it better be the very best. 





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