Questions & Answers

How does the stand work?

The Stand is CLOSED for the 2021-22 season. When the Stand is open during the regular season it operates on a first come, honor-system, cash/check-only basis. I fill the stand to the brim twice a week with as many pies as I can possibly make. Once the stand is sold-out, that's it for the day and the stand is closed. People often arrive early to secure a place in line. When you enter the stand you will find a sign with prices on the baker's rack, a lockbox on the wall to the left, and a glass mason jar to make change if you need to. Select your pies and leave cash or a check in the lockbox on the wall to the left. Checks can be made out to Live Free or Pie Stand. The Stand is open until sold-out on Thursday's at 4pm and Saturday's at 10am. If these times do not work for your schedule, you can also place a direct order for pick-up, just be advised there may be a wait time. See below about direct ordering. 

How do I pay? Is it cash only?

The stand and direct orders are cash and check only. Checks can be made out to Live Free or Pie Stand.

How much are your pies?

Full 9 inch pies are $25, Mini 5 inch pies are $10, Hand-pies (when available) are $10 for bag of 2 and $25 for box of 5.

Is there a limit on number of pies I can purchase at the stand?

Yes. Up to 2 full pies or up to 3 mini pies per customer. I only make a limited number of pies for each opening so the stand does not get re-stocked once sold-out. With that in mind,  I have the limit as a courtesy for others in line.  If you have a larger or custom order, please contact me directly and place a large order, I am happy to accommodate that for you! 

I see your stand operates seasonally, when does it open and close for the season?

It really depends on Mother Nature, how the crops handled the winter and when the first spring fruit crops are available. That said,  generally the stand opens for the season mid-May and closes mid to late November. 

Why seasonal?

Several reasons: 1. Everything just tastes better. 2. I love picking fresh fruit. It's mindful meditation for me being in a field or crop with the warm sun, breeze, and birds singing. 3. I can use half the sugar in my fruit pies because the fruit is so perfectly ripe and sweet! 4. I can support local farms and orchards this way. 5. It gets too cold and conditions are too harsh in the winter to keep the stand open and maintained. I don't want customers to freeze and I also loose all roadside parking space to the snow banks. 6. The winter brings respite for me and my family as well as prep time for me to do all the not-so-fun business things that must be done!

Your pies always sell out fast! How can I get a pie?!

Not to worry! You can always place a direct or with me for a specifically arranged date and time. I accept orders for pick up on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and most Fridays. Simply send me a message with your name, cell #, email, and order and I will get back you as soon as possible to confirm your order. You can contact me by clicking HERE and completing the "Contact Me" form or you can also email or direct message me through the Live Free or Pie Stand pages on Facebook or Instagram.

Do you sell your pies anywhere other than at the stand or by direct order?

Yes, I do! You can visit BREW cafe in Brentwood, NH (during the Winter months only) to purchase bite sized pies. Sorry, no full or mini sizes available at BREW, but you can enjoy a bite size pie and a delicious coffee through the winter there.  Be sure to check the Live Free or Pie Stand social media pages for most up to date info regarding availability of these pies! 

Where do I park?

Pull-off roadside parking only. You can carefully pull all the way off the road onto my property. You're welcome to also pull into the driveway if needed

Do you offer any flavors year-round (i.e. in the winter)?

Yes! You can order Chocolate Chess, Midnight Mocha Chess, and Pecan pies year-round. 

What is your favorite pie?

Pie for breakfast.

Which local farms and orchards do you pick your fresh fruit from?

It changes week-to-week but there are a handful I am at several times a month all season long. Elwood Orchard in Londonderry, Sunnycrest Farm in Londonderry, Macks in Londonderry, Monahan's PYO Farm Stand in East Kingston. I also hop just over the border to our local Northern MA farms: Rogers Spring Hill Farm in Haverhill, Turkey Hill Farm in Haverhill, and Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury. I also love stopping off at  tiny unnamed roadside PYO stands. Most of the rhubarb used in last season's pies came from local Hampstead, NH neighbor gardens which I especially LOVE!

Do you offer Gluten Free or Dairy Free pie options? 

I do not offer dairy free pie options as of now. I make gluten free pies available upon request, I do not stock those in The Stand. 

What is a Chocolate Chess Pie? 

Traditionally, it's a southern pie. It's a bit like a rich, flourless, gooey, dark chocolate brownie in a buttery, flakey, pie shell. As it bakes, it forms a thin crispy top layer. When you cut into it, you'll find a soft rich gooey brownie consistency.  Best served warm. The Midnight Mocha Chess starts off as a chocolate chess pies but the addition of espresso powder and coffee liqueur transforms it into a mocha indulgence for all the coffee lovers!

Can I freeze your pies? 

Chocolate Chess, Midnight Mocha Chess, and Pecan pies all freeze very well. Just follow the freeze/thaw instructions on the side of your pie box. I do NOT recommend freezing any of the double crust fruit pies as it will compromise the crust in the thaw. Something happens in the thaw and the beautiful flakey, tender yet sturdy crust magic is lost. Best enjoyed fresh and flakey!